Month: October 2013

Rabbi as Matchmaker

One of the goals of service learning is that my coursework should influence my fieldwork, and the reverse should be true as well. For the students in their second year, the careful planning of the curriculum helps lead them toward finding parallels between their coursework and their experience in the field. But as a senior, my course schedule is comprised…

Eating with our Intellectual Rivals: Partnership and Tikkun Olam

In the Jewish community, we can no longer ignore the strict division between organizations. Our clients deserve better relationships between the organizations with which they affiliate. We need to act not in the best interest of self-preservation, but in the best interests of our clients and the Jewish people as a whole.

Circus Rebbe / רב הקרקס

ילדים יהודים שפחדו לבקר בכבר ערבי – עכשיו מגיעים כמה פעמים בשבוע, ובלי היסוס מתארחים בבתי חבריהם בקרקס. הקרקס בהחלט הצליח ליצור מכנה משותף תרבותי, שפה משותפת, אמון הדדי – במקום שקודם לא היו אלה קיימים