Month: February 2014

An “Entrepreneurial” Rabbi

During my time in rabbinical school I have been assigned three mentors, and I am currently awaiting my assignment of a fourth. I have been incredibly lucky that all of my assigned mentors have been kind, caring, and wise. All of them either have or are in the process of becoming not just ascribed mentors, but actual mentors. In the…

Service Learning, Myths, and Israel

In addition to my fellowship through the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, I am also currently serving as a fellow with the iCenter for Israel Education. I am a fellow with their Master’s Concentration in Israel Studies program, in which students enrolled in a master’s level program in some facet of Jewish education can receive extra instruction and mentorship regarding how…

A House of Prayer for All People

Long ago there was a farmer who lived with his small Jewish family on the outskirts of a tiny village. Each day, the farmer would get up at daybreak, tend to his livestock, then gaze upon his small plot of land and utter a prayer. It was a simple prayer that would have been acceptable in any house of worship, but he always said it with unrivaled sincerity.