Month: April 2014

Passover: Protecting the Chain

Today, I watched multiple generations of the Jewish chain come together. Three long tables in the shape of the Hebrew letter chet filled a room in a local retirement community. On the outside of the tables sat my first and third grade students, while on the inside sat the community’s residents. After weeks of preparation, my students successfully led an entire Passover seder from start to finish for these residents.

Let Your Students Go

Students are longing for the connection that they would get at home with their families. Although many college students might miss home, they do not come to college to recreate their home life or to find surrogate parents while they are away; they come to grow and develop their personal identity. My experience has shown me that in order to work with these students, I need to play an integral role in facilitating their own processes. I do not tell them what to do.

A Teacher and Her Mentor Reflect on the Same Year

What are the similarities and differences between how a teacher and a mentor perceive strengths, weaknesses and growth? Read these two complementary pieces to see one example of what each values and how reflection plays and important part in the process of learning together and developing as professionals.