Noah Ferro

Noah Ferro grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, where he graduated college with a degree in History and English from Tennessee State University. He spent several years working in libraries and bookstores before beginning HUC-JIR’s Rabbinical program. In May 2015, he received a Master’s in Religious Education (MARE) from the school’s New York campus. He is currently in his second-to-last year as a Rabbinical student at the Cincinnati campus, anticipating a 2017 ordination. During his rabbinical studies, Noah has served congregations in Illinois and Tennessee as student rabbi, worked as a chaplain in a Cincinnati-area hospital, and taught in four local supplementary religious schools. He is preparing for his senior thesis, which will include commentary and translation of Chayyei Adam, an eighteenth-century digest of Jewish law by Rabbi Avraham Danzig. He is also preparing for fatherhood, as he and his wife Cassondra are expecting the birth of their first child in early February.

Articles by Noah Ferro:

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